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It's been four years since I laid eyes on you
( I just wanted to let you know )
But all I did was let you go
This letter tells you that you're more then the home coming queen
( and more then Mike's girlfriend )
I just had to let you know, that your much more
Have you ever wondered what you and me would be like
If we would of met four year before this night?
Standing face to face building up this moment
When I have to say to you
Now you're about to turn me away
And you know, you just know
I've waited here my whole life
And you know, just go
I can't sleep at night
I'm telling you things that you should know
A moment to late, I'm sorry I must go
This plain takes me far, takes me away
Your holding my letter begging me to stay
I still here your voice
"It's O.K, I'm waiting for you"
I still here your voice
"It's O.K, I'm waiting"

written by: Better Tomorrow
copyrightę2002 bettertomorrowmusic