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here are some our favorite sites:
Park - Awesome band from Sprinfield Il.
Moneen - Wicked Canadien band
Dashboard Confessional - Emo to the MAX!
The Juliana Theory - Hype site, Rad Band
Saves the Day - Great bands seem to always come out of Jersey
The Get Up Kids - Kick ass emo punk band
Taking Back Sunday - Rad Emo band, a must!
The Starting Line - Rockin' Out With The Starting Line...oh sigh!!!
Figure Four -  The Best Of Hardcore
The Comeback Kid - Hardcore Punk out of a Hardcore City
One Of These Days - Kick Ass Band 
fEw scrEws loosE - Kick Ass Winnipeg punk band
Doc Brown - Punk rockers for Manitoba
Daniel - Accoustic Emo Music, Check it out, It will blow your hearts away!
Threadline - A Rockin out band, check them out
The Rock Band - YEAH! wicked band, rad music
Del Paxton - Kurtis's other band, Funky!
Rainside - Local Rock band
Loco - Metal band
The Velvet Pill - GREAT Trip Rock band
A Place Tomorrow - A really good band from Manitoba
Sodomizing Sara(h) - Check this out, great local artist.
Not BANDS but COOL sites
EmoAmerica - Emo/Punk/Hardcore/Softcore, Website
Hobgoblyn Desgin - A friend of ours who desgins Web sites
Winnipeg Bands - Helping local Music, RAD Site
Winnipeg Punk - Helping Punk Rockers rock out!
Winnipeg Pop Punk - Helping Indy Bands, Hype Site
The Loud Cool Site, Helping New Bands Get Noticed -
Triumph Records - Winnipeg label for indy bands
Small Man Records - Local record label, bands like: Moneen, Layaway Plan and Choke - Get free mp3's from all typs of bands - Free directory of websites who swap links with other websites.

[FRANK] - Counter-Strike Clan, Online gaming. Mitch and Dave like playing CS.

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