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The story of "Better Tomorrow"

      It all started back a few years ago when Mitch, Justin and Dave got together to form a high energy punk band called Left Right and Center. This hardcore band played a few shows and recorded a Live CD. Juggling jobs, school and other hobbies they were forced to go their seperate ways.
     Around May 2002, Justin and Dave talked about getting back together to create an Emo punk rock band. In June 2002, Dave called Mitch up and said: "Uhhhh?!? Wanna Jam?" Mitch replied: "Uhhhh?!? O.K!". So the three jammed for a couple a weeks pumping out their own style and writing many original songs. Calling themselves Better Tomorrow they jammed day after day. Regardless of getting compliments from friends and family, Justin, Mitch and Dave thought there might be something missing. Their sound was good but as they played their songs more and more they realized that a second guitarist would be ideal. Thus Kurtis Wittmier, Justin's childhood friend, came into the picture at the end of June 2002. Kurtis brought a Funk/Pop/Reggae influence to the band. Only after a month of jamming as an official band, Better Tomorrow got an offer from friends Doc Brown to come play a Punk show in Stonewall MB.
      This is only the start... But to the four, the future is going to be a Better Tomorrow.