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All The Things You Need To Know

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Better Tomorrow's 9th Show - March 6th 2003
Door Open at 9pm - 12am (Show Starts at 10:00pm) (18+)
Winnipeg MB@ The Live Wire 1650 Regent - FREE cover
with fEw scrEws loosE
Better Tomorrow's 8th Show - Febuary 20th 2003
Door Open at 9pm - 12am (we play at 10:30) (18+)
Winnipeg MB@ The Live Wire 1650 Regent - FREE cover
with Railboxx
Better Tomorrow's 7th Show - Febuary 16th 2003
Evolution of The Scene 4  - Doors Open at 8pm - 11pm (18+)
Winnipeg MB@ The Live Wire 1650 Regent  - FREE cover
with The Product, Custom 500, Low Ball, Shawn Bergen, Sodomizing Sara, Railboxx, Weatherhead, fEw scrEws loosE, B.U.M.P, HCE, and other special guests...
Better Tomorrow's 6th Show - January 19th 2003
Evolution of The Scene 3 - Last minute Thing (after hour Jam)
Winnipeg MB @The Blue Agave
with The Shaman, Killah Green, Ciaria Tears, HCE, fEw scrEws loosE, B.U.M.P, Weatherhead, and other spicial guests...
Better Tomorrow's 5th Show - December 6th 2002
The Pause For Punk - Doors open at 8pm - 2am  (18+)
Winnipeg MB @Le Canot 768 Taché ave.
with fEw scrEws loosE, Doc Brown, Daniel, johnvincent 
Better Tomorrow's 4th show - November 22nd 2002
Antioch Fest - Doors open at 8pm - 11pm (all ages)
Winnipeg MB @ U of W (The Bulman Centre) 
with Daniel, Threadline, johnvincent, Neken, The Rock Band
Better Tomorrow's 3rd Show - October 5th 2002
Shows All Day - We play at 10:30 (all ages)
Winnipeg MB @U of W (The Bulman Centre)      
Fund Raiser For Kids In Africa
Better Tomorrow's 2nd Show - August 30th 2002
Door Open at 8:00 pm - 2:00 am (all ages)
Winnipeg Beach MB @Buggy's Boardwalk Station 38 Main St.
with fEw scrEws loosE, Rainside
Better Tomorrow's 1st Show - July 27th 2002
Door Open at 7:00 pm - 1:00 am (all ages)
Stonewall MB @Odd Fellows Hall 374 1st Street West
with Doc Brown, A Place Tomorrow